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Pure. Wild. American.

Pure. Wild. American.

Pure. Wild. American.

100% Neomexicanus Aroma

Grown by CLS Farms and four others throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Very few hops can boast being pure, wild, and American. These rebel hops are native to the mountains of New Mexico. They weren’t crossed with conventional varieties by early settlers, or developed by white coats in a lab, they figured it out all on their own, right here in the real world.​

Ready To Brew a Data Driven Beer?

We know data is vital when it comes creating the perfect hop bill for your beer. We invest in collecting accurate data on our hops using advanced systems, so that year after year, you'll have the clear and accurate data you need to start planning your recipes.

Check out our Neo-Mexicanus Fact Sheets below for more information on Zappa® & Medusa™.

Click Here To View Our Medusa™ Fact Sheet

Click Here To View Our Zappa® Fact Sheet


Meet Our Hops: Zappa® & Medusa™

The wild west shaped America. In that same spirit, the wild growing Neomexicanus hops have burst through the saloon doors in much the same way American craft brewers have. They can boast of being purely American; no white coats in a breeding program here. Two varieties have stood out from their Neomexicanus peers. Welcome Zappa® and Medusa™. We can dust you off and make you presentable for great beer, but you will always be wild at heart.

Zappa® Cones Growing at CLS Farms


Zappa® is a native, North American, Humulus lupulus var. neomexicanus, recovered from the wild in New Mexico


American IPA, Hazy IPA, Wild Ales, Lagers, Pale Ale

Intense Climate.
Bold Flavor.

CLS is a fifth-generation, family farm located in the heart of the Yakima Valley. We produce high-quality hops and organically certified apples and soft fruit through a progressive agronomic approach and sustainable cultivation techniques. As a family farm, CLS prides itself on creating a community of hard-working and strategic employees to deliver the highest quality product. Our Global Gap Certification ensures that our employees and product stay safe throughout the process. Check in on our blog for on-going Hop Talks!